Bike found? 🤩

Great news! If you have found your stolen bike, we would like to congratulate you on this positive turn! It's important to share this information with us so that we can update the status of your bike and inform our community. Below you can fill in the details of your found bike.

What to do?

Fill in the form

Provide all relevant details about finding your bike. Every piece of information helps us improve our services and support the community.

Change from status

After submitting, we will update the status of your bike in our BikeVault to “Found” and notify other users.

Spread the word: Share your BIKEBAZE® story!

Share your BIKEBAZE® experience and inspire others with your story. Every success is an opportunity to motivate others and show the strength of our Society. Your story can make a difference!

Fill in as much information as possible. View previous emails to find your bike's frame number or SafeTag ID, for example.


How important is it to update my bike's status?

Updating the status to "Recovered" in a timely manner prevents unnecessary worry and contact attempts by well-meaning Society members who scan your SafeTag.

If your bike is still listed as stolen in our system, people scanning the SafeTag may think they have found a stolen bike and try to contact you.

By updating the status, you ensure that the information in our BikeVault remains accurate and avoid confusion and unnecessary communication.

What do I do after I've found my bike?

In addition to completing this form, we recommend that you document any damage and, if applicable, inform your insurance company. If you have filed a complaint, also inform the police about the recovery.