What is BIKEBAZ?

It ecosystem explained.

A new era of bike safety. Experience premium protection, enjoy worry-free rides and the power of community more.

3 pillars

Discover the core of BIKEBAZE®: 3 innovative solutions designed to combat bicycle theft, increase recovery and promote worry-free cycling. Every element of our ecosystem plays a crucial role in shaping a safer cycling experience.


Your bike, inseparable linked to your name. BikeLink in our BikeVault ensures that your bike is registered in your name, providing unmistakable proof of your ownership. This registration provides a digital layer of protection against theft, makes ownership transfer easier and provides real-time status updates. So you are always assured that your bike is recognizable and protected as your personal property.


The SafeTags are specially designed for optimal protection and visibility. With its fluorescent, tamper-resistant design, it integrates seamlessly with BikeVault, providing effective protection against bicycle theft. This makes the SafeTags an essential part of your bicycle security by both reducing the risk of theft and facilitating the recovery of your bike should it be stolen.


Be part of something bigger. The BIKEBAZE® Society is a collective strength in the fight against bicycle theft, which unites cyclists in a shared mission for safer streets.

The products in a nutshell.


This is the central bicycle register, the database where all bikes are registered.

  • Permanent registration of your bike in the BikeVault.
  • Unique linking of your bike to your name (BikeLink).
  • Theft reporting system.
  • Transfer your bike to a new owner.
  • Status checks whether a bike has been stolen or not.
  • Recommended in combination with SafeTags for optimal protection.
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Someone attaching a SafeTag to the fender of a bike. This is done  after registering the bike in the BikeVault.


  • A SafeTag order consists of a large and small model. The 2 tags on your bike ensure optimal visibility and prevent the theft of batteries in electric bicycles.
  • Fluorescent and tamper-resistant design.
  • Weatherproof and durable for long-term protection.
  • Seamless integration with BikeVault.
  • Increases the chance of finding a bike if stolen.
  • Deters thieves - the risk of theft decreases significantly.
  • Bike status checks by scanning SafeTags.
  • Recommended with BikeVault for optimal protection.
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  • Be part of a collective movement of individuals, municipalities, governments, insurers, manufacturers and bike shops to combat bicycle theft.
  • Contribute to a culture of shared responsibility and active prevention.
  • Take control where agencies fail and contribute to structural change.
  • Strong together: join forces to achieve a significant decrease in bicycle theft and promote safety on the streets.
  • Support innovation and community awareness for a safer cycling landscape.
  • Get access to exclusive updates and involvement in BIKEBAZE® initiatives.
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Someone scanning a SafeTag on an encountered bike on the street to check if the bike is stolen or not.

How good are the SafeTags?

  • 6 month test phase | 17 bikes.
  • No SafeTag has been damaged by vandalism.
  • Every month, the SafeTags were scanned several times by passers-by. We think this is due to curiosity - the SafeTags are very noticeable. These passers-by saw whether a bike was stolen or not.
  • Remove SafeTag without damage? The big one takes 45 minutes to remove. The small SafeTag takes 15 minutes. A total of 60 minutes to remove the SafeTags without damage.
  • Delete quickly? It's possible, but then you'll get a lot of damage. See photo on the left.
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